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2017-04-21 / Healthy for Life

Healthy for Life

Happy 9th anniversary Hometown Focus!
By Julie Asbach
HTF Columnist

Welcome to the 425th Healthy for Life column and in also celebrating the 9th anniversary of Hometown Focus. It has been a tremendous adventure living and learning about my community through this paper. I am thankful to have had, and still have, the opportunity to live and grow by being a part of this publication. My best wishes to Hometown Focus as it continues forward with their growth and ingenuity which benefits us all through our life journey. God bless the Hometown Focus and all of those who support and contribute to make it happen!

Chronic inflammation

Many people experience some sort of inflammation in their bodies for a variety of reasons. It could be the result of pain from an injury, arthritis, an immune disorder or digestive problems, just to name a few. If you suffer from any kind of inflammation, you may want to examine your lifestyle to find ways to reduce and combat any issues you may be having with inflammation. Following are some suggestions to be aware of in helping balance your lifestyle.

Try to avoid the following:

• Consuming too many sugars and grains.
• Eating foods that are cooked in high temperatures. • Eating unhealthy fats.
• Oxidized cholesterol foods that have gone

• Consuming too many of the same foods.
• Be aware of food intolerances and allergies.
• Not dealing with emotional stress.
• Smoking, alcohol or other chemicals.
• Non-active life-style or too active.
• Not enough fiber or water to help with the
process of elimination.
• Using medication for your pain but continuing to do the things that may be causing the

Positive lifestyle changes:

• Concentrate on breath work, meditation and
keeping a positive outlook.
• Focus on affirmations and keep a mental
picture on healing and learning what is
good for your mind and body.
• Keep a food and daily diary to help
pin-point what may be causing your
• Accepting that a change of lifestyle
may be required when suffering from
pain and inflammation.
• If need be, speak with a health
practitioner who can help
pinpoint the causes of your
• Take classes in learning
how to live and deal with
chronic inflammation.

Shoulder squeezes

Shoulder squeezes can help promote mobility in the neck, shoulders, and upper back, this movement can be done sitting or standing.

Take a deep breath in and then exhale as you squeeze your shoulder blades together, bringing your elbows behind you. Hold to the count of five, and then relax. Repeat this procedure

10 times.

To do shoulder squeezes in a standing position, stand with feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. Position your arms straight behind you with the back of your hands on your gluteus (buttocks). Move your arms straight back and hold to a count of five, then relax. Repeat this six times.

This exercise can also be done with a light pole, medicine bar, or three to five pound weights. Stand in the position as described above. Rather than holding your arms in a stationary position move them in a continuous motion either in one set of 20 repetitions or three sets of 10 repetitions. This exercise also works the triceps muscles.

Julie is a Healthy for Life Advocate.

Today’s Inspiration

On an unknown road I choose to follow

My heart leads me to a dream foreseen

With a right hand that yet holds me still

I live the path that is chosen for thee.

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