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2014-07-25 / Today's News

Casting call for Sdanka’s War being filmed on the Iron Range

SOUDAN – An open casting call for extras in the action film Sdanka’s War to be filmed on the Iron Range will be held on Saturday, July 26, at 7 a.m. at Soudan Underground Mine State Park, 1379 Stuntz Bay Road in Soudan. Needed are 20 or more guys dressed in plain tees, khaki or brown pants or simple jeans, with combat boots or work boots, as well as 4 – 5 young ladies dressed in simple summer dresses. These extras could also be needed on July 27, 28 and 29.

Sdanka’s War is an action film set in Eastern Europe, inspired by real events of human trafficking. A highly skilled sniper, a small band of government mercenaries and a bunch of bad guys pack the film with tank chases, arms depots and cars exploding, and gunfights. The cast of professional athletes and wrestlers ensures there will be great fight scenes and stunts.

Filming will continue July 31 and August 1 at noon at the Pyhala Homestead at 4745 Salo Road in Embarrass. More bad guys are needed these two days along with families, older men and women and children dressed in simple, old-style clothing. These people will look like they live in a poor Eastern European village.

For more information, contact Dan Gagliasso at 818-632-9690 or

The film is produced by LZ Productions and Almighty Dog Entertainment.

This film production has been made possible in part by a grant from IRRRB and the Minnesota Film and TV Board’s Snowbate program.

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