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2013-09-06 / Massage for Your Health

Massage away the wrinkles

By Susan Santi
HTF Columnist

Did you read right? Yes you did! Who wants to keep the wrinkles on your face when you can possibly massage them away (or at least a portion of them), helping you look younger?

I came across an intriguing article about this very subject. There are four moves involved and all it takes is about four minutes of your time If you are short on time, it is suggested, you can just do one or two moves.

The first thing you need to do is to remove any makeup on your face, then wash your hands. The second is to have a facial oil. Facial oils are packed with nutrients good for your skin. If a facial oil is too pricey for you, then I recommend a light oil of some kind. The oil is necessary for a nice glide or slide on your skin without dragging it. You could use a lotion, but the problem is they absorb very quickly and reapplication is needed much more often than with oil. Okay. With washed hands, apply a couple drops of oil to your palms and smooth together; now you’re ready. Here are the four moves:

1. Create an all-over glow: center the first two fingers of each hand on your chin. Sweep out and up toward your temples. Next, center fingers above lips and sweep them out and up. Repeat, working up your face toward your hairline. When you get to the forehead, sweep fingers downward.

2. Plumb your cheeks: put the pads of your thumbs on your cheeks close to your nose, right under your cheekbones. Don’t be afraid to dig in: “You want to apply enough pressure to stimulate the muscles under the skin,” says Nicola Joss, a celebrity facialist. Slowly draw your thumbs out toward your temples. Repeat.

3. Make your eyes more open: put the pads of your forefingers under your brows, on either side of your nose. Exert firm pressure while you slowly draw them out toward your temples, following the arc of your brow bones. Repeat several times.

4. Firm your jawline: place the knuckles of the first two fingers on each hand under your chin, right behind your jawbone. Slowly move them along the length of your jaw and up towards your ears. Return fingers to starting position and repeat.

These massage moves are great for getting your circulation moving in your face. Increased blood flow helps with bringing more oxygen to the area and taking away any waste products that have gotten stuck in your muscle tissues. Also, it gives your face a healthy glow and it feels great. Enjoy!

Source: Redbook, September 2013, “Massage Yourself Younger,” by Cara Litke Sullivan.

Susan Santi is a certified massage therapist and owner of Ahhh Massage in Virginia, MN. Feel free to contact her with questions at 218-410-2144.

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