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2013-01-25 / Home & Garden Tips


By Rosie Gams

Decorator Secret:

Color Choices

How To:

Color can be used to help create an atmosphere in your home from calming to invigorating.

Let’s start with hallways…Hallways should be welcoming and bright. People don’t usually linger in a hall so they can often take a stronger shade than a room that’s used for relaxing. Bright citrus yellows, for example, are especially invigorating and can work extremely well in halls. If you have stairs in the hallway, you may need to continue the same color up the stairwell and on the landing, so make sure you like the way the color works upstairs as well.

Remember change is good so give your room a Spacelift! I can help you make your room look new, often just using what you already have. Give me a call and setup an appointment for your personal Spacelift.

Have Fun,


Rosie Gams is an interior designer and owner of Firelight Galleries on Hoover Road in Virginia, MN.

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